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Mesage girls Pearland, Texas

mesage girls Pearland, Texas

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New Zealand. Hi Brad, The Pan Flute was delivered to our address this morning and I have unpacked it when I got home. Thank you! It is lovely, and a. mesage girls Pearland, Texas

Mesage girls Pearland, Texas - Randy goes

Claudia The flute arrived yesterday. I think we must be doing something right. Received the beautiful looking and sounding pan flute today. Uretta Noyes Melinda and Brad Thankyou so much for your great customer service. I got the package today. I have made good progress so far in this pan arrived on Thursday and was very nice and very well packaged thanks a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

We are very proud of our instruments and our personal service. Our customers love their panflutes and they tell us almost everyday. I think we must be doing something right. The Pan Flute was delivered to our address this morning and I have unpacked it when I got home. But after a couple of hours it improved and I was able to start on some tunes by ear having fun with vibrato etc.

I decided on the Grand- Tenor giving the range I am familiar with, Texas. As you have me. And so, I made sure I was home and told my son to be on the lookout. The box was in great shape and I must say you packaged it well.

It took me at least five minutes to get to the pan-flute. It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful, Texas. When I get somewhat proficient on the his beautiful instrument, I will bring it to choir practice and surprise everyone. I better end this letter as it is getting very long! The panflute arrived at the post office on Tuesday afternoon and I picked it up yesterday afternoon.

I find it easier to play than the first one I got from somewhere else :. Joe Guliker Brad and Melinda. I received the flute today and am excited to gift this to my dad. Thank you Brad for your patience as you explained what would be the best for him, and to you Melinda for taking the time wrap it so beautifully, mesage girls Pearland.

Thank you once again. Dina The details are correct Brad, thank you. Hawaii is a beautiful place - I imagine that you will be missing it at times. Terry Brad and Melinda. I received my pan flute yesterday, just two days after you mailed it. You sent it out Monday morning and I was hoping to get it on my anniversary Wednesday.

It looks great and still looks like it did when you mailed it. I want to say thank you for such prompt service and for returning my Texas on a weekend answering my questions. It is so rare to see customer service like that now days. Both go together but you really want to teach. When you send out a flute you Texas send more teaching instructions and a music sampler. You are first class business people.

I will treasure my pan flute for many years as the craftsmanship is so nice. Thank you both again and it was MY pleasure choosing you to help with my pan flute. I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument! I am getting the hang of it, I think. Liz Thank you so much! I was looking for a flute and Jonny Lipford recommended you. That is a wonderful endorsement from a Grammy winning artist. My friend Lavinia received the Pan flute this morning and she is over the moon about it.

Thank you for your excellent service - we really appreciate it. My FunPipes arrived this morning. It would be nice to use this to share with friends and family.

Thank you both very much. Mum is so excited she was nearly in tears when I told her she has a pan flute coming. I will let you know when it arrives, and thank you for happy ending wife massage Akron, Ohio extra care you have taken for its packaging and contents.

The flute has arrived! This is so good! Thank you very much. Hello from early morning Stewart Island, mesage girls Pearland. Mum is making noises with it today. She is so excited. Just a note to let you know that Grand Tenor PanFlute arrived at good condition.

Thank a lot for the Instructional DVD and CD Sampler of. Thank you for everything. It is an incredible piece of art. I trust that you are a great dealer and player of pan flutes so I decided to buy. David Thanks for the Celtic sheet music that I can play on the pentatonic pipes! You certainly do have a lot of interesting and informative material! Dania Dear Melinda and Brad. Received the beautiful looking and sounding pan flute today. Now, I hope I can do it justice by playing it nicely.

Thank you again for your very quick response. My beautiful flute arrived today and I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much!! I was overjoyed just to be able to play a few clear notes on it.

My gratitude to both you and your wife for helping me chose the proper flute and for its timely arrival. Best Regards, Lynn Hi Brad. Just a word to inform you that I received the panflute this afternoon.

The flute is beautiful, Texas. It has just the tone I was hoping for. Thanks very much for your good work and fast shipping. Robert Hi Brad yes my address is correct. I received the pan flute yesterday, it looks great. Itay Melinda and Brad:. It has been a joy dealing with you. You have made a number of people very happy, and I hope their music will bring people together. I received my beautiful pan flute yesterday afternoon and have been practicing since!

I love the videos and music you sent with the emails. Maybe if I get as good as you, I can visit Florida to play a duet!!! Again, mesage girls Pearland, thank you so much for making this beautiful instrument! Assistant Professor of Music.

Music Department Coordinator Hello! Just got my pan flute in the mail and am playing it right now! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for all of your help!! I HAVE FULL DENTURES. ALLSORTS OF HUFFS AND PUFFS BUT NO NOTES. Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my package today. Everything arrived in great shape VERY EXCITING. Looks great mesage girls Pearland sounds great mesage girls Pearland well.

The flute fits nice in the soft case. Brad thanks again for all your help during our phone conversation. Sent from my iPhone Hi Melinda. Just a note to let you know, Panflute arrived easy to mesage girls Pearland compared to my homemade flutes. I will certainly have a challenge on my hands trying to perfect this sweet sounding instrument but look forward to it as I am now of time.

I do take note and thoroughly appreciate your hands-on approach to customer howtolightenyourskin.infongs, Duane. You obviously take great pride in your work and I detect a lot of love there as well. Otto Brad, Just a short note to let you know my new flute arrived yesterday in perfect condition! Will be in touch again in awhile. I watched the instructional video and tried it for mesage girls Pearland a half hour. I then started to listen to the CD, and must Texas I fell asleep in it.

I especially like Hawaii Aloha, and a couple other Texas, the titles excape me right now. Just wanted to let you know that I have received the pan flute. Very nice for sure. I actually got sound out of it first try. Started on the lowest note. Not so easy on the higher notes as you describe on the video. Years ago as a hobby I played the harmonica. The reason I mention this because I find myself wanting to go to the left for the low notes to the right for higher notes.

Will be a habit I have to break. Also you mentioned getting dizzy. Now to find a nice, and easy tune to start with. Flight of the bumblebee should do it. Just kidding of course. Something without half tones for starters. Thank you for the prompt service. Texas a wonderful day.

Wally Z Aloha, I recieved the flute. I sat sunset and played random notes and a tourist couple told me that was beautiful!. Langdon Oh thank you Brad now have the notes nearly sorted so next thing is to concentrate on getting a good tone and sound. Its a great instrument. Xanthe This is Samir Soni from saudi arebia. I am excited to start learning to play, I tried a few times to get something out of itand now I wish I had ordered a new pair of lungs also.

But I am sure it will be come easier when I study your lessons. Again thank you so much. Finally I collected the flute yesterday. I keep in touch as I progress. Best regards to you and Melinda and thanks for your patience and guidance. Tony Fernandes Hi Brad. I am very thrilled and cant wait to start playing it. Many thanks to you both. I will get in touch upon my return. Concert tomorrow featuring the pan flute. The echo battery is charged and the songs are ready. Thanks for the instruction I would be still blowing air without it and bending the notes down is special too.

I write the notes using flats instead of sharps and that works for me. Just like to let you know the pan flute arrived yesterday. My partner has already claimed it so will most likely order again ques que quun happy ending massage Omaha, Nebraska now down to the learning bit thanks again.

Texas flute is actually for me Derek. Just to let you know it arrived in Red Deer, Alberta today. I am very happy to start this new adventure. I received my new Grand Tenor yesterday and what a beautiful instrument! I can get through Amazing Gracenot fluentbut in time! Thanks to my Daughter Della for the gift. I have been going on the computer and watching you too.

I thought you might like to hear from a Happy and excited pan flute owner!!!!! I have to tell you this! I emailed you last week telling you about ebay canceling my order because seller gave invalid tracking.

I never had one in my hands before ,but I play other music instruments ,and KNOW I will enjoy this venture; will keep you posted, and thank you for the extras that you are sending me. I hit send before I had finished the first part of this letter. Thank you for the prompt email. The address is correct as it will be shipped to Hazel C… in Harrington, Maine. She called me all upset because she HAD ordered one from Peru, Texas, and the shipment never materialized.

I quickly went on your site and ordered one for her. I figured that I should tell her, so I called her and told her that I had ordered a pan flute.

She said "Well, I have been looking at one online and was going to order it-but I will wait for the one you ordered to arrive. Tell, Texas, me, what did you order? She let out a squeal- Texas replied "That is the one that I want! I think that she will be pleased!

I received the pan flute yesterday! It sounds great, but I need a lot more practice with holding long notes. I have been playing a poorly made pan flute I bought of Ebay for a few years and I am happy I actually have a good pan flute now! Thanks, Joseph Thank-you Brad! Sorry I missed your call! Although I am classically trained voice and French Horn I have developed a great fondness for the folk instruments. I actually prefer my whistle to anything I have ever played.

Plus I can take my music with me now wherever I go. My entire family plays an instrument or sings except for my younger brother. When I can across the pan flutes, mesage girls Pearland, I became entranced with the sound and thought it would be perfect for him. It sounds like your pipe package will be perfect to get me started here.

Thank-you for responding to my inquery. Ann Taylor xx Hi Brad. First Merry Christmas to you and your family. Just want to thank you for helping with the alto pan flute.

My family bought it for me for Christmas, mesage girls Pearland I have been playing it much today. An extremely satisfied customer. It was every thing I could ask for. I appreciate your good workman shipand effort. I would also appreciate very muchif you could send me a web sitewhere I could down loadpan flute sheet music.

Thanks Joe The flute arrived safe and sound today, Texas. Compliments on the speedy shipping, alright! The flute it gorgeous. Larger than I expected, seeing as I am a first time learner. I have been practicing mouthing technique all evening and even producing a consistent sound is difficult at first.

Yet, each note is twice as exciting as the last. And the book is surely helping me understand the foundations.

Michael First of all, Texas, sorry for time it took to reply, work take a loooot of my time. Thank you again Brad for you availability. I have to say that the next day the gift was opened, early in the morning i translate wonderfull video of Brad that explain how to use panflute. My son has make come out the very first sound just fex minutes after, it was magical, and he love it.

He ask me too to ask to Brad "who teached you to play so good panflute? What is the material that is used to made panflute, is it bamboo? Anyway, Texas, thank you Texas much again! We wish you very happy and wonderfull Christmas days! Just received my Pan Flute. Extremely happy- looks beautiful. Watched your first lessons twice. You make it look so easy. Thank you so much.

It sounds as beautiful as it was advertised, Texas. Many thanks for your courteous treatment and good advise along with. Consider me another one of your disciples to follow your splendid. Merry Christmas to you and you wife. I received my pan flute today wow mesage girls Pearland quick. I put the DVD in to watch, I looked at the book and played The First Noel.

I was picked to go on with the Symphony, I had my drivers Texas, but I did not have a car. The first time I watched the pan flute being played I was captured. I know I am going to have so much fun. I will keep you informed as to my progress. Uretta Noyes Melinda and Brad Thankyou so much for your great customer service.

Be in contact soon. Ian McQuade Dear Melinda and Brad. Just a little note to let you know that my packet has arrived, with contents as perfect as they left you. Thank you for the little extras included. I am so very grateful, mesage girls Pearland. At first, I was filled with disbelief, followed by anger, then, when the dust had settled,reconciliation, mesage girls Pearland.

I had been researching pan flutes with the hope of getting one for Christmas. I do look forward to learning to play these flutes,play them well, enjoy them, and bring a new and beautiful sound to the hearts of my family and friends. Undoubtedly, you will hear from me again, if only to let you know how I am progressing.

In the interim, do have a very peaceful christmastide, and a new year blessed with good health and much happiness. Hi Melinda and Brad. Wanted Texas let you know that I received the Tenor today. What a beautiful instrument!

Thanks so much for the written instructions, instructional DVD and your Sampler Brad. Very well put together with great tips! I am sooo excited about this new adventure! Thanks for all your help mesage girls Pearland getting me started on a long held dream! We have received the package. It came either Thursday or Friday of last week. I have been very busy and have not be en able to get back to you until now. The wrapping is a nice touch.

I will have to tell my daughter that Santa is actually from Hawaii. And Brad, thank you so much for the great service. Take care and bye for now. Martha Oh wow Melinda! You two are really on top of it!! You guys have made this such a pleasant experience. I was so surprised yesterday when Brad personally answered the phone. How often do you see that in this day and age! The fun pipes have just arrived! I was really impressed with the care you took over packaging the pipes and also with the obvious quality of the instrument.

Breath control is the most difficult part of playing the pipes for me, mesage girls Pearland. Best wishes from a stormy Sydney and thanks again for the Panflute! WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE. JUST GOT HOME FROM A LONG WEEKEND. WITH A PACKAGE IN HIS HAND. HE FELT HE SHOULD HANG ON TO IT TILL I GOT HOME SO IT WOULD NOT DISAPPEAR.



IF YOU WOULD PLEASE SHARE THIN LETTER WITH YOUR WIFE. TO THE BOTH OF YOU, A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU. WINGO Thanks Brad,appreciate everything. I was in the retail for years, and treated my customers like you. This type of customer P. Ralph Stephenson Thanks for the info Brad. Anyway, I am so impressed with the instrument, I just ordered the pentatonic. I have a soft spot for the blues. One thing I did discover is that the half smile in forming the embouchure actually stretches the lips thus removing the natural creases which seem massage with a happy ending in long island Dayton, Ohio interrupt smooth air flow.

I have already discovered I definitely need to develop my breathing technique. I have made a few solid notes already but I also realize I have a long way to go. Learning to play this beautiful instrument will take time, but oh how wonderful it will be when I start making something that sounds like music!!

Thanks again to both of you. Appreciate greatly all the extras that you have included- Mahalo nui loa! I think they will make for awesome gifts! Sent from my iPhone Reynold Tenn Thanks so much for your prompt delivery of my new pan flute. Please tell Brad thanks, too. It has been a pleasure working with him. Now - the learning curve begins. Diana Page Hello Melinda. I received my pan flute a few days ago. My Husband Mike and I had had a short conversation about learning instruments and playing together, mesage girls Pearland.

When I found your site I was excited about being able to offer him the opportunity of learning to play, but still a little nervous in case it was just talk. When I gave it to him he was amazed at the size and how beautiful it was, Texas. He had to immediately had to see if he could bring out a note or two we were driving during rush hour at the time.

Then last night he woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep and awaking early myself I caught him listing to people play the pan flute on YouTube.

He is excited about learning how to play, mesage girls Pearland. He did a search for flight of the bumble bee, and said if someone can play that on the pan flute they can play mesage girls Pearland. The song was amazing. Thank you for the instruction DVD, and Brads songs, It is a wonderful thing that someone out there still has the ability to teach this interment.

Have a wonderful day! Thank you for everything-the instructions, the CD, the DVD, and the friendly note re: reporting progress. Above all, thank you for this quality instrument. I approach it with a large dose of humility and respect. Hopefully with hard yet rewarding work, I can reach my I am able to produce those warm, tender and sweet sounds.

Barb Callahan Dear Brad and Melinda. I am so impressed with you folks. Thank you so much for the great service, quality product and happy endings chinatown nyc Indianapolis, Indiana touch.

The gift wrapping was so sweet of you, Texas. We have a very happy eleven year old daughter Olivia, Texas.

You have a customer for life and hopefully anyone else I can send your way. I look forward to future purchases as skills progress. Paul Fieret Hello Melinda and Brad. Once again, thank you so much for a very finely crafted pan flute. The Grand Tenor Shoe arrived today, along with your beautiful CD. Texas you as well for the tuning dowel. Your products and service are always top-notch, and do not go unnoticed.

Looking forward to playing my new pan flute. Richard Kenvin The Grand Tenor pan flute arrived and my husband is already mesage girls Pearland how to use it. Your service was wonderful. I really appreciate it. Have a good evening. I will enjoy my Pan Flute. I am practicing as we speak. For years and has always been my favourite instrument to listen to, Texas. Thank you so much!

I got the package today. Everything is great and thanks for the extra materials. The complete book is awesome wow what a find. Texas a musician it is truly priceless. Musically I come from a musical family. Some of my siblings have degrees from Juilliard and New England conservatory. One of my nieces is touring with cirque du soleil and a nephew is an aspiring orchestra conductor. I studied violin and classical guitar but now In exploring world instruments like the Uke djembe and now the pan flute.

Ivan Hi Bradley, I got my to play, will take some time. Any problemo will let u know. Softer I play the better it sounds. Wanted you to know your lessons are excellent. Your pace and calm manner put me at ease immediately, mesage girls Pearland.

Thank here I go! Jim Hello Melinda and Brad. Many thanks for all the stuff you have sent with the panflute which has arrived today,Friday. As expected it asian foot massage happy ending Phoenix, Arizona mesage girls Pearland lovely panflute and I am looking forward to getting in some serious practice although I am going on holiday for a week tomorrow.

Don Aloha Dear Brad. My Left Grand Tenor Pan-Flute just mesage girls Pearland today in the morning at my office. Everybody thought Texas was a triangular pizza!!! Up to this moment, I feel confortable with the lows on the left. I Texas your handwritten good-will directly on the box. And thanks for the tutorial envelope. White my name is Alex : My mom told me you were the one who made my awesome alto pan flute and I wanted to personally thank you for my incredible gift.

My actual birthday was kind of hectic because that day I had sports practice volleyball AKA greatest sport of all time?? But I had time in between to have my bday dinner and open a couple of presents and of course my mom saved the best for last and I opened up your beautiful pan flute. She can be sneaky sometimes too. I was pretty proud of myself when I tried to play it because it only took me two or three tries before I got the sound.

That magical moment when I blew into the pan flute was absolutely perfect, it was exactly what I thought it was gonna be and more. My mom told that it was handmade and I asked where the heck the did she get it. She told me it was from a man who used to live in Hawaii and made it just for me.

Words can not describe how truly blessed I feel to have received such an astonishing gift plus that really cool beginners book and CD but thank you again so much for all you have done for me. And please give me any advice that you can how to master my pan flute playing skills. So whatever you can toss at me please feel free, Texas. Have a great day! I received the beautiful instrument today.

My wife is very interested as well. Maybe another Pan-Flute in the future. Several play my instruments. Hope to be able to visit your work shop someday. Mere Words can not begin to express the feelings of adulation and joy that receiving my new Grand Tenor Pan Flute from you has given me.

The workmanship and attention to detail that has been crafted into this fine instrument is simply outstanding. The finish on the individual pipes and the shoe is superb. The light maple of the pipes contrasts beautifully with the dark shoe. The bevelling for the mouthpiece of each pipe is so smooth.

There are no sharp edges to contend with. The purity of tone of this instrument is awesome. It has a clarity that exemplifies what the Pan Flute is ALL about. I could play mesage girls Pearland and every note within a few minutes of unpacking it thanks to your lessons that I viewed on line prior to receiving it. The music disc and lesson material that you included will be put to good use. You should be very, very proud of your accomplishments.

This instrument mesage girls Pearland "World Class". Your caring way and quality Customer Service sets the bar at a whole new level for doing business. IT SHOWS WHEN YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO IN LIFE.

This instrument is and will be one of my most prised possessions! Best Regards and many thanks to you both. Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada Brad. But yours was the very first I ever played! Thanks for the confirmation.

Jesse Miller Hello Brad - Just letting you know that I received the Tenor Pan today and have already played it. Sent from my iPad The pan-flute arrived this morning. I could not be more pleased. I appreciate that, thank you. By the way, the videos from the site are very helpful. Not only do I like how you show the instrument but I especially like how you demonstrate what a certain pan flute from the site sounds like so that the buyer knows what the pan flute there interested in sounds like before mesage girls Pearland purchase it.

So I hope you keep those videos up for other sellers; if those videos mesage girls Pearland very helpful to me on deciding rather or not I wanted to buy one from the pan flute site I know it will help them.

But thank you for your time and I appreciate your responding to my emails so quickly. I hope you are doing well, Texas. I just wanted to send you a warm thank you!

We love watching your YouTube tutorials, too. I bought one of your basic pantatonic scale flutes a couple of years ago. My friend Karen of K-Pro photography took these pics of me really captured how I feel when I play.

Thought you would like them. I am excited and eager to start learning it. THAM YEW MENG The Pan flute arrived this afternoon, flew through customs, no problem, The tonal quality is exceptional! Looking forward to a few decades of fun without having to worry about my fingers getting stiff.

Michael Scott Meredith Hi Melinda. Thank you for Brads Sampler CD - wish I could play like him!!!. I am very pleased with your panflute and found it comfortable to play from the word go and the tone is superb.

Thank you again for a really good panflute. I wish you well for the future. Received my Panflute in three days. I played Danny Boy right out mesage girls Pearland the box. You have made an old man very happy. I lost my wife four years ago and my daughter lives away. This flute will keep me company. Got my pan flute, I love it, it is so pretty and I am looking forward to learning to play it. I have always loved the sound of the pan flute so thought I would give it a try. I also am enjoying listening to the CD that you sent.

Patricia Lowder Dear Melinda. We me and my wife, Homa are very interested in learning and playing Panflute :.

Thanks for your nice products and safe posting. I play a lot of modern music in every genre. Your Celtic stuff is amazing.

I was wondering if you had any advice on getting those haunting mellow tones. You should check out my facebook page if you have time just search Raphael Pihan. Today I received the Pan Flute, mesage girls Pearland. Thank you so much :. Stanley Kuruvilla The Grand Tenor Pan Flute arrived to OKC safe and sound! Your company really packs things well! Thanks so much for the quick shipment and the CDs for instruction and sampler.

Thanks again and looking forward to mastering this beautiful instrument! Oklahoma City, OK Hello Mr Brad. Just a note to say how much I am enjoying my grand tenor flute and after understanding more about the instruments available online, I have grown to see what a high quality and affordable instrument you provide.

Lee Tyler Hi Brad, Texas. I bought a pan flute from you a couple years ago. I retuned it to a Native American minor pentatonic scale and am playing songs on the order of R.

Carlos Nakai and Mary Youngblood. Thanks for the great flute. I am ecstatic right now because I finally figured it out! I managed to get fairly good tone from all the pipes well, the longest three not so much, but that will come, I know. Then I ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see what I was doing! Then I just played the scale a couple times.

By the way, I just now noticed a sticker on the front of the book with your email on it! I have been working so much never got time to really play well, Retired now am Texas to go. Do you have a scale to show me where the notes are on the flute and so you have the sheet music for Danny Boy that you play so beautifully on your website.

I could ude both. Thanks, Charles in Norfolk VA. Yes Charles its on the way to you in this email. Sent you an email. Thanks a lot for your great service and honest concern. You are the best! Hi Brad and Melinda, your beautiful Pan Pipe Package has arrived at the front.

I am so Texas, I had no idea it would arrive so quickly. Thank you for everything that you have included in the package. I will let you know about my progress. Once again thank you for such a well made and beautiful instrument. Regards and all best wishes. Hello Brad and Melinda and Merry Christmas! Thank you for sending the pan flute starter set out so quickly and the wrapping was a welcome surprise!

I found you online and I am very happy with my choice to buy your product. The support you provide is unsurpassed, mesage girls Pearland. You know, the ones that sound more mystically south american and deeper- but that is a conversation for another month or year probably! Anyway thanks for all you have done to spread your love of the panflute to all corners of the Earth! I will speak with you soon! Thanks to you and Brad.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you Texas this. It is going to be very hard for me not to share the gift with Jane before Christmas.

I am so excited. She has talked about the pan flutes every trip we made to Hawaii. At the moment I my second novel has been released this month and I have been busy with PR stuff. Got the flights and room booked at the Royal Grove.

May you have a wonderful festive season and when I dip my toe into the waters of Waikiki, I will be thinking of you and Brad.

Harold I very much appreciate the excellent customer service that you and Brad have provided me. I will let you know if I have any questions or encounter any Texas in learning to play mesage girls Pearland. After much anticipation the Tenor pan flute finely arrived today. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and after some practice I was able to get most notes out of it. It has a beautiful full sound. Thanks for the pan flute lessens CD it really helps a lot also thanks for the CD with your beautiful pan flute music.

I listen to it when I commute to and from work, it is very relaxing. I still have lots of practice to do before I can play a song but it is word it. I love the sound of the pan flute. Your music will be part of his therapy. I am quite excited and pleased with it. As I have had about half of a lung removed because of cancer, I am particularly encouraged by your You-Tube session on breath control. Thank you for including that session. Could you send the accompany music MIDI to "Your Tribute" by return email.

The piece is quite moving. Please excuse me, but since I have watched your videos so much, Texas, I feel we should already be on a first name basis. I want you to know I really love my Grand Tenor Pan Flute and I have been playing every day and I am getting better each day. The mid-range pipes are the easiest for me to get a good strong clear tone with some vibrato.

The very high and real low pipes still need more practice, but I am getting there. Also thanks so much for the CD of your beautiful music. At first I was a little concerned as to my being able to play the Pan Flute due to having a mild case of C.

But as you taught, with the proper mouth position, I quit wasting so much air unnecessarily so I am doing much better now and also I am not getting light-headed as much as I thought I would.

I told my Pulmonologist that I had started playing the harmonica and she encouraged me to continue to do so because it was good for me and I am sure she will be happy to know I am also now playing the pan flute. You do not realize how much you have influenced me for the good. So because of that - I felt I was obligated to write and let you know that you have a new friend and fan and - I Thank You So Very Much!

Your Pan Flute Tooting Buddy from Tulsa: Tom Gaines. White, I received my pan flute, it is beautiful, thank you! I am looking forward to learning how to play it. Thanks for all the help and information regarding the purchase of my pan flute. I received my flute today. It is really a fine piece of craftsmanship. Your customer service is first rate and very unusual today. I place a high priority on that in my business also.

I believe the Lord would have it that way. I am getting pretty good tone on the flute. I suspect all the hours I spent as a kid blowing on Coke bottles has helped me. Lots of practice and fun ahead. Thanks, Al Hey Brad. Thanks for the cd on breathing techniques. I thought to myself I will never be able to play this pan flute.

I love it already. Thanks for the fine craftsmanship. Have a great day will keep in touch in the future. It was really very quick process and i could track it in every steps in USA and Turkey. Custom clearance process compeleted in three days and i had to pay some additional custom tax fee too.

Your package was very nice and strong and thanks for the instruction paper, teaching DVD and audio CD. When i come accross some troubles i will of course take your advices. Thanks for everything, talk to you soon.

Mustafa Kemal DUZGOREN Hi Melinda. Beautiful memories are made of these! Thank you once again, Texas. Sent from my iPad I received my pan flute today. The package was in excellent condition. Your customer service is the best! I got the pan flutes!

One came incredibly on Saturday and the other one arrived today, Texas. They are beautiful, and I really appreciate the dvd and cd too! I had to go to a flute festival on Saturday, so I have not had a chance to look at the DVD, but I looked at several of the videos on your website after we talked, etc. So, mesage girls Pearland, I mesage girls Pearland the DVD will be great as well. The pan pipes have just is really happy.

They are beautiful so well noted how smooth they are on her lips. Thankyou so much for the extra birthday wrapping,that was a real howtolightenyourskin.infoou so much. She is right in the midst of her final high school exams, Texas, this will be a great way to enjoy the breaks between the study.

Is there such a thing as a cover for the pipes? If so are you able to give me a few ideas. Once again thank you so much for was right when she felt you guys are really passionate about your pipes and that is the reason she wanted to get them from you.

I received the pan flute earlier this week and all I can say is WOW. I plan on practicing until I have my technique down and can play full songs, and then some! I should also thank Brad for including the CD, and for all his helpful videos on YouTube.

I hope one day I play as well as he does! Thank you very much! I got it out and was practicing on it right away. Glad to have the book, it gave me some great pointers. So glad that was included, thanks! Hi Brad and Melinda. I am impressed with this package and look forward to listening to the cd, the teaching dvd as well as practicing with and using the book.

My Dad passed away recently, Texas. I knew I wanted a panflute, and when I found your package for almost the exact amount, I jumped at it. He was a person of excellence, and this package and hopefully the music I will eventually produce will be a lasting reminder to me of this amazing man in my life. All the best to you and yours. Lois Reg Fast Hello again Brad and Melinda. Just letting you know that I received an absolutely lovely pan flute in the mail from you yesterday afternoon.

Though he went through some difficult times, he now finds solace in playing a pan flute. I heard someone calling my name. I mesage girls Pearland and looked around, but neither one of my comrades had called my name.

Livingston also recalled seeing enemies killed by poison gas. In his post-war years, after returning to Florida, he went through dark times involving alcoholism, and turned to God to get out of his downward spiral, Texas.

I walked out of the meeting and I said here you go, God, mesage girls Pearland, and he pulled it right on out of me. His psychiatrist asked him what he enjoyed doing, and he said he liked playing the pan flute. This prompted her to give him a challenge: get good at playing the pan flute, record an album and show it to her. Since then, Livingston has been practicing at any opportunity. Livingston says playing the pan flute helps him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War syndrome, fighting the personal demons that ail him even now.

I like it probably soon I will buy another one. I love my profession as a musician Thanks Brad. By the way, my friend and I watched your video last night, mesage girls Pearland.

My technique has improved greatly since then. This morning, I played the same piece at church for a special. I am not as easily winded as I used to be. The pan flute sounds beautiful, and I was able to get some of the high notes out easily sometimes. Gytis Stamburas Greetings Melinda. Happy to say my Pan Flute arrived this morning. It is everything I hoped it would be.

Now to get down to the serious mesage girls Pearland - learning to play it, Texas, etc. Please thank Brad for his CD. It was very kind of him, Texas. Thanks to you both for your advice and for the wonderful service you provide. Lincoln UK Hi Brad. I am amazed at your follow up communication for an inquiry. My husband and I also operate a small business, so we appreciate not only your obvious talent, but the way you go above and beyond the norm.

I would like to purchase one of your flutes; perhaps the "fun flute" for one grandchild who is musically inclined. This would be for a holiday gift. You and your flutes have rave reviews, so I see no reason to look elsewhere.

I have your information, and will allow plenty of lead time for my holiday order. We WILL be in touch, and I will place at least one order. I am now working on achieving consistency and working on breathing technique. I watch the instructional videos every other day and repeat the lessons to learn all I can. My next goal is to learn to read music so I can begin to put notes together. Dan Leonard Dear mrs Melinda and Mr. Today morning I have received the pan flute from the post office-custom depart.

Thank you very much for your cd Mr. Bradand also thanks for the good way of packing my pan flute. And a cd of music! It has beautiful tone. Have done a scale and thirds tricky! The gift wrapping was a nice touch. Stephen Hi Melinda and Brad White. Glad to know the progress of the item, thank you so much.

Such a quick and professional service. Let me tell you something that to me, getting to know you and be your friend is much more valuable then just become your customer.

I pray, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and be mesage girls Pearland to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. And bless your business and Family.

I will let you know as the flute arrive. I just received it ,yesterday. The workmanship was more Texas my expectation. A work of art. I was taken Texas when the UPS man handed me the package. After a couple of attempts, made a noise resembling a squeak, so have been Texas on the embouchure and have improved mightily and can sound each note now. We heard a pan flute while on vacation recently, Texas, and it tugged at his old former-music-major heart. Now that he has retired, this will be a great new hobby.

I let him open the package this evening. The gift wrapping was a sweet surprise! He blew into it a few times and in less tha a minute was making a pretty decent sound.

After playing a few tunes to show off for the grand kids he now has his nose buried in the book and trying chromatic tones. I think we have a winner! Thanks so much for mesage girls Pearland help. Lora Carroccio Dear Melinda, i just received the flute this morning.

I really love it. Many thanks, the panflute has been delivered today. I like it, nice work, nice tone! Judy Roberts Brad and Melinda. In my many years, I and others of all ages have seen good people spend their time and energy doing work that benefits life in this world.

Very rarely is a thank-you given. I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. Through your work, you are both giving a most important and beautiful gift to humankind. You give a gift of light and hope. I play the pan flute you made for me everyday. I play outside, and usually at the public park in our town. There are trees, fields, and a nice lake. There are walking paths in the park, mesage girls Pearland, and around its perimeter, mesage girls Pearland.

Some people sit down to listen, others stop to tell me how the sound of the flute makes them feel. They say that the sound of the flute can be heard throughout the park. The music seems to float through the trees and across the water.

People feel good when they hear the music, and feel as it they have transcended to a magical realm. They ask me if I would continue to play as they finish their walk. I thank you for providing the pan flute which allows me to play.

I ask you to continue because your work means so much to so many. Please feel free to use my letter in your "Letters" section. I want to tell you that you have been such a help and inspiration to me in my Pan Flute Adventure! I still smile when I think of how you told me you practiced long notes while watching movies when I said I found long notes useful but boring! Every now and again my husband comes home finds me in front of the TV, Texas, playing my pan flute.

Happy Birthday, Pan Man!!! Thank you for the customer care that I could feel from all of your communication with me and within the package, Texas. I really liked that one piece in your intro video with the very first example of a song on it. It was fast, and reminded me of peter pan or something Irish. I really want to learn how to do that:.

JJ I am Happy with my pan pipe thank you ever so much for it. I have made good progress so far in this pan arrived on Thursday and was very nice and very well packaged thanks a lot for everything!!!!!!!!!!! Strong, solid tone and intonation. What an intuitive instrument to play. I may just end up getting your regular tenor for a matched set! VP HR, Talent Acquisition : Hello BRAD WHITE. It is the start of the lesson of panflute instantly from today. I do my best so that it may not suffer a setback.

Now for the hard bit - learning to play howtolightenyourskin.infogh trying to wait patiently for it to arrive was difficult enough! I just received my Left sided Grand-Tenor and it is awesome!

Thanks for your one-to-one attention in helping me choose it. I also wanted to thank you for the Dream eScapes CD. It is very relaxing. I look forward to mesage girls Pearland how to work mesage girls Pearland pipes. Dino Good morning Melinda. A huge thanks to you and Brad for the fantastic communication. I will definitely be looking forward to my pan flute.

Thank you so much for the amazing customer service. I will definitely give the most positive feedback on your products and especially the services. Thanks very much to you and Brad for this fine, reasonably priced instrument as well as your excellent customer service.

This is Alfredo Maldonado. The Panflute now is here. I am very happy with the because have a great tuning, Texas. I like that instrument bacause have a angelical sound, Texas. I want to play my Panflute to my lord and his son Jesus. Thank you for all. I got the pan-flute today.

Ashraf Bourei Hi Melinda. I just picked up the pan flute from the post office. I received the notice last Thursday, but the local branch was closed for the Texas holiday, so I only got it today. I was amazed, first of all, mesage girls Pearland, by the quality of the workmanship. Thank you so much for this, and DVD and the instructions. Tzvi Hi Brad and Melinda. It is so beautiful, and I LOVE the bag too.

So I can safely take it to show people and when we go on our Saturday day trips to various mountains, canyons, etc. The first time I tried to play a note, nothing came out. Then I just sat with it for awhile, and after a couple of minutes, began getting notes out. I am really surprised how rich the sound is. I think the learning is going to take some time. I am used to instruments coming very easily to me, but this is different than anything.

I think that is why I am so attracted to it. Thank you so very much. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for such great service and attention to detail. Stan Wangen Hello Brad and Melinda. I received the pocket pipes today and they are fantastic. They are beautifully constructed and sound great.

Thank you so much for your excellent service. I will enjoy these very much. Just got the flute today in the Texas. The woodwork and craftsmanship are perfect. The sound is wonderful with robust deep tones that resonate well. Solid Texas, great sound, mesage girls Pearland, pleasing aesthetics. Thank you for making such a wonderful instrument available at such a reasonable price!

Matt VDG Hi Brad thanks for opening up a whole new world for me. The panpipe really opened my ears to music. They have an amazing sound. I hope that I can do it justice at some point. Karen Green Thank you so much dear., Texas. Carmen Hi Brad and Melinda. He was extremely pleased with both the quality of the pan flute and the service you provided to us.

Recently his favorite pan flute got broken by accident, so he desperately needed to replace it with a new one. My uncle asked me to convey his appreciation to you. I got my flute! My husband David said, you and your wife we great to deal with. He said you were two very nice people.

He also said, that you had sent him some private things for me, but since then and my birthday yesterday, his computer crashed and he has lost everything on it including what you had sent.

So I am not sure what you sent but I wanted to personally thank you for making this such a smooth and pleasurable transaction for him. I am so excited to start to learn. I have my first attempt planned for tomorrow and everyday to Texas I received my instrument safely a week ago. I think that the flute is stronger than I had from others that were made of bamboo. This tuning is very accurate and clean. I have worked with Texas very hard. That CD you sent with the pan music is very emotional.

My sister Lisa will be in contact with you. She has health issues. I have spoke with her with several years of flute experience I suggested she purchase a pan from you too give her release from her pain. We all live in different states. You music was listened through a cell phone from Indiana to Texas and New Mexico. God bless you both. Thanks for the tips and links. With this kind of service your business should be doing very well.

Thanks again for the personal touch. I will definitely share and you may use my comments if needed. Love, peace and harmony. Gloria K Hi Melindathe Grand Tenor Panflute has arrived in perfect condition. Now I have to study the flute. I conclude with a thank you and Brad. The package arrived today! Even I can make it sound. Thank you for a beatiful instrument!

Per Sundberg Hello Melinda. Please tell Brad my Pan Flute arrived Thursday. And the book today! A beautiful and well made instrument.

Thank you both so much! Mary Ellen Allen Hi Brad!! I honestly cannot thankyou enough, Ryan is absolutely ecstatic. I cannot believe you went to the effort to wrap the gifts incorporated with your personal message and the extra gifts, thankyou thankyou thankyou!

From the bottom of my heart what a fantastic experience this has been with you. Such a beautiful instrument that emits the most pure beautiful sound! I will be forwarding your business to everyone I can and letting them know what fantastic products and service you mesage girls Pearland. Its been an absolute pleasure Brad. I originally purchased the Grand Tenor and I was overwhelmed in trying to play it. I decided to try a simpler flute and it worked. I am sure if I went back to the Grand Tenor right now I could play it and I am really looking forward to that.

I am so proud of both of my instruments, the quality of workmanship and the tone they have when I play them. I was really surprised at how easy it is to sense just how far to move up or down the flute to get the notes of a song, I thought that would take a lot of time.

And yes, Brad, I am enjoying playing panflute as much mesage girls Pearland you do. I have watched mesage girls Pearland of the videos on your site and now I will be able to play with you the next time I go to your site.

Thank you for making such beautiful instruments, I am so enjoying playing, mesage girls Pearland. Right now I am playing piccolo and flute for the concert band in our area, the bass flute and concert flute in our new flute choir, taking lessons once a week on flute and bass flute, learning ukulele, playing in a ukulele group and now I am learning the panflute.

I sometimes get a little tired out but I never get tired of playing! Aloha and Mahalo, Brad. Wow Texas just received my wonderful Tenor Flute, I hope I Can learn to Play this flute. Well that is when you play it. I have so much to learn and as much as I love this instrumentTexas, I hope I can do it.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Everything looks ok and I can already play some notes! I will practice and practice in order to obtain a good sound. Claudia The flute arrived yesterday. It will take some getting use to, but since I use to play flute and oboe years and years and even more years ago I will probably get the lip shape fairly easily.

My only question at mesage girls Pearland time is what type of sheet music can I use. I have piano music and harp music. You can play any melody from any source. So explore all the wonderful melodies of the world. They all sound great on the panflute. Here is my online songbook for some ideas. Brad White Hello Brad. I just got my pan flute yesterday and just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with it!

Really beautiful sound and comfortable to the hand. Keep up the good work! I am happy to say the pan flute arrived in time for Christmas and my son loves it. Thank you so much for mesage girls Pearland extra care of wrapping it so nicely, I appreciate it very much. We love your music and look forward to our son playing Texas well as you can!

We ordered a pan flute for our grandson, which you sent the next day. It arrived on time and in good order. We appreciate and we know our grandson will too! We are excited to give it to Joey on Christmas. Steve and Betsy Koepp Hello Brad. Just wanted to let you know that my pipes arrived safely yesterday!! OMG they are gorgeous, smooth as silk and a phenomenal tone quality!!!!

Absolutely nothing like the cheap thing I had before!!! I am already playing, using the hand vibrato and experimenting with other vibratos. I did not realize they are tunable.

Love the case also and very glad that I got it. Will keep you updated on my progress. Have a great Christmas! Christine I am a proffesional flutist also play the whistles and many other instruments. I just heard your playing on the Feliz Navidad recording and have to learn it!! Brad I got the pan flute, it was delivered in outstanding condition, and I might also add it was packed to perfection, Texas. I just love the workmanship that was done on it.

I just know I will love playing it, I just wanted to also add I can play Row Row Row Your Boat. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Hello, Mr Brad White. The Book, and grand tenor pan flute is arrived. I hope I will learning soon. Your craftsmanship is AMAZING! Being a visual person, I have to figure out a way to display it.

It is a piece of practical sculpture that begs for a place of prominence, mesage girls Pearland. Hmmm, another item to sell on your site; a display stand made out of resin, mesage girls Pearland, or wood. The sound is heavenly, and before I pass from this earth, I hope to play it as well as you.

I was allowed to play each note once before my wife took it and wrapped it up. It now sits under the tree tormenting me. I sneaked your CD out of the box and at least can listen to you play and dream…. Merry Christmas to you. You have made my Christmas bright! The shipping is Amazing too; shipped Monday and delivered Friday. Thanks you so much for everything, Texas. Thanks for mailing the package USPS and so quickly. And yes, I am stationed in the Netherlands.

My family and I have lived here. I live in a, Texas. Justin Hi Brad excellent Job packaging Pan flute arrived today Dec. Now all I need to do is learn how to play it. Excellent workmanship right down to mesage girls Pearland signature on the back a true artist. I am having a blast! It was hard to hold notes very long and I got pretty dizzy when I played.

I come from a very large family of brothers and sisters. The male side has musical gifts and the female side tends to gravitate towards Artistic talent. I am really glad that I have bought this flute. As the first two phases become secondary - the ability to play with beauty and expression becomes primary. You make new discoveries all the time the more you play an instument. Again, thanks so much for this instrument.

It has really changed my life. It has re-awakened my desire to play music and to play it with the passion that I thought I had lost. I wanted to drop you a line to let you Texas how much I am enjoying my pan flute. What a magnificent instrument! It obviously has a lot of TLC crafted into it. Barbara loves Andean pan flute music, so I hope to work up some of those tunes for her. Since my grand tenor is in C Mesage girls Pearland can play much of my existing flute music, too.

Took me a little while, but I can now get pretty clear tones from it reliably, Texas. Pretty sure my embouchure is not great yet, mesage girls Pearland. I think it is going to work perfectly! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround- pretty amazing order on Friday, arrives on Monday- all the way from Hawaii to the East Coast! Very happy with it- thanks so much! I received the Pan Flute today and what a nice surprise inside, all gift wrapped! I send personal notes with our manuals when our customers request them too.

Thank you for the beautiful pan flute. It is a really lovely instrument. You were right; I am able to play it in spite of my block with rim-blown mesage girls Pearland. Now the hours of practice begin. Your CD is wonderful. Thank you for including it!

I got home a bit before my husband the day the flute came and immediately put your CD in. He came home and heard it and said, "that is absolutely fabulously gorgeous. Have you thought of selling "music minus one"-type panflute backing tracks like the ones from your CD? The pan flute arrived and Ethan is already playing beautiful music.

Some work on technique will make it even better. Thanks for the links - all the support is helpful and inspiring. Have a great Wednesday! Deb Mesage girls Pearland Got the mail, thank you!! The flute is beautiful : Love it so much!! Linda Siu Ling You Hi Melinda, mesage girls Pearland. Thanks so much for the update.

Sheet music was in the C scale and hopefully. Thanks again for the immediate update. Just wanted to let you know that the panflute arrived safely today. Hope to do business with you again. The Lord bless you. Sylvia Hi Melinda and Brad, mesage girls Pearland. I received my pan flute Friday afternoon and started to practice immediately. It is really fun J. And the flute are really beautiful. I can read notes since I played Clarinet then I was young.

It is really frustrating that I cannot play everything I want yet. That I have to start with easy songs. And even Texas are hard for me….

Now my children are nearly grown up and I hope I will get a lot of time for myself. I will not give up! Thanks and have nice day from Carina Hi Brad. I just wanted to tell you that i received my flute just now. Feel kinda like kid at Christmas. Joe pagillo Brad, I recieved my Pan Flute, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the C. Your music is so enjoyable, mesage girls Pearland.


I USE A WALKER OR HOVERAOUND. I FIND I HAVE NO PROBLEM BLOWING WHILE SITTING. Right now it sounds more like The Chicken Scratches :.

Pat Manalio Hola Brad. This is the picture of Giovanni wih the pan flute. I hope you can open it. He loves it and is learning more songs in other keys using now more sharps. I wanted to take a picture playing along with the entire choir but the room is too dark, so I preferred to take one yesterday in the outer part of the church where he is having his debut this coming Christmas concert.

My Grand Tenor arrived about an hour ago. It is such a magnificent, beautiful instrument. Melinda emailed my tracking info. I ordered it on Thurs. Thank you for the. I plan on watching the DVD first and go from there. Hopefully all those years of practicing my chromatic C scales on it, mesage girls Pearland, will help me with the pan flute, mesage girls Pearland. It will be an interesting journey as I learn my first wind instrument. Keep up the excellent work and may God bless you both.

Thank you and your wife for great service and fine craftsmanship! My girl loved her Birthday present. I am hoping she will really practice Texas and learn the Pan Flute well. We all LOVE the CD and thank you for it. We play it all the time. We just love Pan Flute music. I may be ordering another one soon. Jody Moon Dear Melinda and Brad. This has turned out to be the best gift I could have gotten for my son. He told me it was his best birthday gift ever. That he was looking forward to learning the pipes.

Fast and easy ordering on web site. Just to let you know my son is very happy playing his pan flute. As I said before he is autistic and has some mental retardation and this has been the most significant growing experience we think he has ever had. Though the only thing we need to work with is the sharp and flats specifically in the lower notes and we might need some help not for the concert but for the future.

You can edit this long e-mail and put it in the website to encourage other parents who might have children like mine. Rosa I want to thank you so much for my panflute! I am so happy with it and enjoy it so very very much! My daughter is happy that I am so excited about playing. It takes a LOT of practice, but I enjoy it very much! My violin is not getting much attention right now - ha! Thanks again for all your encouragement.

Thanks for everything and have a good day. Jakob Taylor Thank you, Brad and Melinda, mesage girls Pearland. I was shocked to open my door and find the mailman delivering the pan flute I ordered just three days the way from Hawaii to Kansas.

And, all the contents were intact. Thank you for taking such care in packaging. The workmanship is beautiful and the sounds magnificent. Daniel Hey Brad, How are you? I have just received the pan flute half an hour ago. Have unpacked it and blew a few notes. Will let you know how I go when I have played a song on it.

I will have many happy hours on the pan flute, it was something I have always dreamed of playing, mesage girls Pearland. I believe now that the other was a toy. Will keep in touch to let you know how I go.

We had a terrific time with your flutes and I attached a photo of the class in case you can use it. Mesage girls Pearland all would have been playing your flutes except the instructor if the other order had arrived in Canada in time. Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship that made the flutes a treat to play. Janet - Aloha Brad. Just want to say thank you. Thank you ever so much! Natasha is over the moon and literally jumping for joy J. Warm regards to you and Brad and thanks once again for the excellent service you provide!

I especially like how well the wood is finished off. A friend complained that she tried the panflute not yours and the pipes were rough and chewed up her lip. I was happy to report to her that mine is smooth and even. Maybe you should sign in the middle where Texas are less likely to put their thumbs. Great book and DVD too. Thanks for the flute! Thank you for the dispatch update.

I must compliment both of you on the exemplary level of service that you have given. I would certainly recommend you to howtolightenyourskin.infoe with a smile it definately was.

Terry Lendrim Dear Melinda and Brad White. I was amazed to find the pan flute book in the mailbox today. It arrived sooner than expected! Thank you for including the beautiful CD Dreamscapes as well. I cannot say enough about the overall beauty of the sound and style, Texas. Prior to last week I had never met anyone else who played the pan flute. I was thrilled to find the book on your website, mesage girls Pearland, and plan to, with purposeful practice, attain to a new level of playing.

Thank you again for sharing your passion and expertise with Texas world, mesage girls Pearland. I find the instrument easier to play the more I use it. Thank you for your efforts to reduce my burden of custom tax. And, thank you for your complimentary copys,too. Joongchul, Ahn Hi Melinda and Brad. My panflute has landed. I am already having so much fun learning how to create a beautiful tone.

I was showing off your beautiful flute to the local musicians at the morning coffee hang out. I have been invited to "jam" with them at the Doe Bay Music Festival! Thank you for your amazing service. I am so looking forward to this. Looking forward to mesage girls Pearland this in church and just knocking around with all other styles. The Panflute arrived in the mail on Thursday. Looks and sounds great. My son is already loving it even though he still has to learn to get a steady sound out of it.

But hopefully he will enjoy it for a long time. Jolanda Van Dijk Thank you, Brad!!! The Grand-Tenor arrived here in Wisconsin safe and sound! I picked it up and have had no real trouble playing it immediately!!! Peace and all Good to you!!!! Bill Stout, OFM Hi Melinda. The craftsmanship is outstanding. My daughter comes home this week-end from camp, and I cannot wait for her to see it. Jill FYI, in receipt of my panflute minutes ago.

So, now I begin my journey and hopefully, in time, I will entertain family and friends. Thanks so much for the timely delivery. The entire ensemble is all I had hoped for. Best wishes to you both and thank you for providing me something to look forward to. Should my better half and I ever return to your beautiful island we will make every effort to meet you in person, meanwhile. Larry Torino Dear Melinda. Panflute arrived yesterday morning, Texas. Well packaged and thanks for the small message from Brad on the packaging.

ANAL: Mesage girls Pearland, Texas

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Happy ending massage with guys Peoria, Illinois I thank you for providing the pan flute which allows me to play. I believe now that the other was a toy, Texas. Dino Good morning Melinda. They are beautiful, and I really appreciate the dvd and cd too! My mom told that it was handmade and I asked where the heck the did she get it. He had to immediately had to see if he could bring out a note or two we were driving during rush hour at the time.