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Love making styles marriage Sacramento, California

love making styles marriage Sacramento, California

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Many: Love making styles marriage Sacramento, California

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Get ready for an amazing celebration of some geeky gamer love! Matt and Asia are simply the most perfect couple ever. They met through their church Matt said he huge tits massage happy ending Port St.

Lucie, Florida for her watching her dance, awww but they truly bonded over the game of Minecraft. They built a house together in the digital California and have been inseparable ever since, both in the game and in real life.

So it was no surprise that Matt and Asia would plan a Minecraft themed wedding, and wow, did they ever. They worked hard and put together an incredible event, which truly reflected their love for Minecraft, ahem, each other! We felt so lucky to capture such an awesome day, both in photos and with a wedding film at the end of this post. It was a labor of love with lots of DIY and help from some fellow Minecraft lovers.

Matt, Asia and friends created the pixel-trees from cardboard boxes and used them to decorate the structural pillars, genius! The wedding was held at Beatnik Studios in Downtown Sacramento.

With its exposed brick walls echoing scenes from the game, what could have been more perfect? The amazing giant sculptures, California, which were used at MineCon, were lent to Matt and Asia from artist Greg Aronowitz. This is so cool. Jones Soda seriously hooked it UP for the wedding! They provided plenty of bottles featuring different things from the game.

We designed the couple a photo guestbook with little Minecraft touches. I love how Asia and her bridesmaids were all wearing red TOMS! So cute and comfy, too. Despite the fact that Matt and Asia had been hanging around together all morning, getting things ready, they still did a first look and I am SO GLAD.

It was such an adorable, sentimental moment. The ceremony was full of so much fun and hilarity! You must check out their wedding video to get a taste of it! Seriously, such a FUN day! Thank you so much to Matt and Asia for choosing us to capture your beautiful day! Please do take a look at the Short Film we created of this wonderful day. Matt and Asia, we love you! Ceremony and Reception Venue Beatnik Studios. Custom Sodas Jones Soda.

Minecraft Sculptures Greg Aronowitz. Happy ending massage with girls in fremont Thousand Oaks, California is the kind of wedding i want to have.

Two people that love each other and that love something so much to make a weeding of it. I envy you to infinity and beyond.!!!!!!!!

I congratulate you and wish you long on the path of love and Minecraft!! Someday I wish mine would be the same. Very Minecrafty in one of the best ways yet. You make a very cute couple. I went to Minecon. I was actually playing Minecraft in the room when he proposed! I still saw the whole thing though Anyways, you guys look so amazing together. They might like that. PS: I hate you so much lucky man Wagoo. And photos are great too. Saw the proposal at Minecon and thought it could only get better.

This wedding was cute, hilarious and awesome. Have a great time together RoSe Albuquerque. Did the mojang crew got invited? You look very happy. I wish for you several decades of love and happiness. From Chile, Southamerica, Dokem Ratogiro. California Is Sooo Cutee!!!!

They look sooo good! I love that necklace, I have it too, so yeah I fangirled Congrats Axxpym. Such a cool concept, love that you stuck to the theme throughout. I hope you guys have an amazing marriage and seeing this made my day. I love everything about that wedding… but that creeper is scary! Iron Brew is orange. Alright… we all looked at her boobs with the picture of the diamond necklace.

Omg :,-D soooo awesome. OMG, this is so cute. What a wonderful wedding you two must have had. You guys are my heroes, California. Blessings to both of you! Aww, this is way too cute! That was like the most beautiful way of having a wedding, doing it with something you both love! This is so brautiful…. I started to cry and i never cry! This is really sweet!

I hope it lasts. The wedding looked so awesome! LOVED the pictures i hope that you guys live with echother forever and stay in the minecraft community. Now all they need to do is become a youtube partner and make lots of income from it. PS: I hate you so much lucky man. Was I the only one to jump scared silly when the Creeper head turned? Wow, this is the most unique wedding ever, California. Better than those super big ones. Really nice photos and what a beautify bride!

Not envious one tiny bit. Congrats on your beautiful wedding! Hope you two live hapily ever after! Oh wow this is so cool! Great work as all ways!! Love the video… and what a cute couple!!! The Cake is a lie!!! I was ok, this was really cute… and then I got to the vows and got all tearful. Shut up and take my money! Happy marriage to the both of you. Realmente muito bem organizado e muito lindo esse casamento. How beautiful, good on them! After is saw this im getting minecraft.

Wow so happy for you both. Have a great time together. Congratulations to you both!!! This is love making styles marriage Sacramento amazing! Did you purchase those drinks?

Or were they a sponsor of somekind? From Chile, Southamerica, Dokem. The Photographer is the best May you always love each other. What a gorgeous wedding idea. This is epic in every way ever! Congratulations to California new married couple! Also: Where can i get that priest?! This is so totally awesome! Spawn, explore, dig, discover, adventure, survive, hoard, build, accomplish, share, laugh, experience, feel, believe, love.

OMG the cake haha!! I love that necklace, I have it too, so yeah I fangirled Congrats. Your dress is gorgeous and you looked gorgeous in love making styles marriage Sacramento Leave a comment Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published.