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Massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria, Arizona

massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria, Arizona

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It seems like it could be a massage with a happy ending which is what I want. Her website says no sex, any mention of sex will end the session.
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Ever drive by one of those places with a red neon sign that says "SPA" and wonder what goes on behind those blackened windows? So just lay back, relax, and let me do my job., massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria. And remember - I work for tips. CJ - Great post. Or do massueses just get annoyed by such a request and try to get you off as fast as possible anyway?

And one more suggestion for the newbies from a pervert whose been around the block a few times: the internet is your friend. Google erotic massage in that geographic region. Do your research so you know what to expect, what it will cost, and how to have a good experience. I prefer it when a customer gives me some input on how to get him off. It just makes my job easier. How about this one, have you ever seen a guy explode before you even touched him?

Dear CJ: Thanks for a great post, Arizona. After all, I only want the best. CJ - Great post, stuff like this is why I think you really need to just write a book. What can I say. I take my job seriously! Can you imagine a book all about erotic massage parlors?

You would have to wear a trenchcoat and sunglasses to buy it. Most because they were premature, and a few because that was their kink. Zen - Hit the local phone books for NH. There should be a bunch of ads under "massage" and "massage therapy. Tom - Just go for it!

This was a good read. How do you deal with LE cops? JUST in case this happens, what do you do? How do I get the massuesse to do some of the more kinky stuff? Do I go ahead and do it or would I have to kinda build up to it? They have no idea we also do Happy Endings, nor do we intend for them to ever find out. They get a great therapeutic massage at a good price, and they help make us legitimate with the locals. A lot of new places make the mistake of turning away women - only to find that it attracts the attention of the local massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria. Just found your site.

It seems like it could be a massage with a happy ending which is what I want. Her website says no sex, any mention of sex will end the session. Anon, If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

Your right about best massage I ever received was with this girl I clicked with where the hour flew by since we were talking and laughing throughout. They seem very descreet and no names are exchanged.

I paid my fee up front at the counter and then went back to the room with massuesse. Am I missing something? BTW, I love reading your posts. I have been wondering if you think that women would be willing to get a "happy ending" massage just like the guys. I have been been getting happy ending massages for about five years now, and I have been thinking about trying to make some extra money as a "sensual masseur" catering to upscale women. I would assume that there would be a market for it.

I think I just would like to hear an encouraging voice. Does this make me a dirty old man? Have you ever delt with this situation before? I guess you could describe almost half our clientele as "senior. True fact - for some reason, the old guys seem to have the biggest cocks. Not sure why that is.

Are they supposed to be bigger with age? As a mp regular ,all I can say is your post will certainly make a firt time experience more enjoyable for all parties involved. It goes without saying that being able to massage an attendant has always reaped tremendous benefits especially if you are kuta bali massage happy ending Garden Grove, California to make her cum first.

Tell me CJ why no mention of the "reverse massage? She seemed to linger on my ass, hips, and upper massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria. At the end she asked if I had any questions: should I have asked for a massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria The outcalls have their own code words and lingo. Sounds like she was leaving the option open for a happy ending and was waiting to see if you would initiate. Anon, To be sure, you better ditch the shorts. If you keep them on, some may interpret that as a therapeutic massage only.

And he lied about mainly to himself. I made copies of his Credir card statements, there was no denying the truth. Beware of the guys that go to church every Sunday like my ex. Too many men are hypocrites, and they only fool themselves. My ex was unpleasant and difficult and I would have dumped him before I foud out he was a true sex addict. Computer porn, sex phone lines and AMP parlors. He is an educated, dysfunctional idiot. A liar is a fool, Arizona, mostly to himself.

Thank god I was not madly in live with this fool. LOL to all, and the hooker working in massage parlors! CJ love da post! So wht do u think bout this ad when it says asian sweetheart erotic rub down in uptown! I was thinking going there, i never been a massage place ever.

I am new to the whole "erotic massage" scene, and just had my my first experience, Arizona. It was lackluster, to put it mildly. Anyway, it was pretty empty space in a srip mall. The minute I walked Arizona they greeted me and this very attractive woman says to follow her and leads me into a room.

She the tells me to "get comfortable" so I stripped down to my b-day suit. She returned while I was still taking my clothes off and watched me finish. She then complimeted me on my was nice. She dropped several hints and I picked yup on them, no problem. So we agree on sex and she takes her clothes off. Then proceeds to apply a condom with her mouth and give me a bj. This is where the visit went south for me.

She used her hand, mouth and I even penetrated her briefly, massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria, but for some reason I could not get it up.

Now I am embarrassed that this happened, but figured if massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria would understand it would be you. Have you experienced this with any of your patrons? I figured that it was the environment that caused me to not be able to relax and get comfortable. She even offered to give me a partial refund, but I let her keep it. I have a question. What is to be expected from this, do the girls just do a therapeutic massage or are they still willing to go for something more?

You are so awesome and doing a great service for all society. I found a great, friendly, clean, professional place here in NYC. The first time I went, I was honest and said I had never been. The next time I went, new girl, and she was even more skilled than the first.

I am absolutely respectful, courteous, unassuming, clean, and probably better than average looking. Here is a question I have. I guess I need to ask more questions because I massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria to assume this mutual means I am getting laid, but it wound up her getting naked and climbing all over me, but no is your definition of "mutual" massage?

CJ First off I want to say thank you for the advice. Being a newbie everything was really helpful and made me not look like an idiot, Arizona.

I do have a few questions though. I got a happy ending but before I asked if there were any other options, you know a nude massage, as I was not asked.

I hinted at more than just an HJ, but she said they are not allowed to do that, she did However strip down and let me eat her out. She said that I could not finger her though. Hey CJ, Hope you can answer this question for me. I recently went to an asian massage spa and during the masaage the woman left my junk partially uncovered and when she had me roll over she was looking at my cock, by lifting the sheet.

She also left my balls uncovered when she massaged my legs. During the time when she massaged my stomach I begain to get a hard on and the head of my dick stuck out from under the sheet. She brushed by it twice and the covered it up.

I was never asked about extras and I was not given a handy J, but this was the best erotic massage I have ever had. I am going back this coming week and also going to get a table shower which they have there as well.

Any help or guidance!!! Question: Are most of the older guys uncurcumsized? In the current modern day era Many Catholics and protestants get their sons circumsized which takes away about one third of their penis girth. Hey i am planning on going to a new massage parlor and I was wondering if when she asks me to get comfortable if i should be face down or face up on the table at first.

Great I will definitely try out these places, I always wanted to see what its like. CJ please help me. How does that work? Where is the masseuse at that time? What are my options there and how can he touch me and where during that? I think this could be fun. Do you still practice in the Reading area? If so I would love to make an appointment.

Great blog and advice ,we are in the same industry and there should be more educative information like this for the clients and the girls. Is this true or not? I just expect to get a hand job without asking, Arizona. Should I ask for one? Thanks for your response, massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria.

This is probably a dumb question, but are the "HE Hand Releases" generally WITH or WITHOUT a condom on?? Seems like a large difference in overall pleasure to me, lol.

Hey CJ-Thanks for your blog-very educational. I am thinking about applying for a job and was really wondering about that.?

Happyendingz - confessions of an erotic masseuse. Why Thanksgiving week you ask? Well, think about it. Pay attention because there will be a quiz. I will also take this moment to remind you guys out there to boycot the Asian Massage Parlors AMPs since they are usually tied to organized crime, Arizona.

These rules should apply to parlors whether full-service or not. A little personal hygiene goes a long way. Not every place has showers, so try to wash up before you head on over. And let me tell ya - nothing turns off Arizona masseuse more than a stinky customer. A little cologne helps too. Remember - you want us to ENJOY being around you for an hour. Come in with a little CK and I may be convinced to spend some extra time with you.

Wear some Burberry and I may end up going home with you! But douse yourself sexual poses for men Hampton, Virginia Drakkar and your ass may end up on the street. The other key Arizona being prepared is to BRING CASH. Some parlors will take credit cards, but ALL would prefer not to. Besides, when it comes time to negotiate what options you want in the room, you need cash!

Nothing kills the mood faster than having to stop a session, just to go run a credit card. Besides, you probably want a paper trail less than we do. But the last thing you want is to not have enough cash to negotiate with. Believe me - there is no "maximum" to the amount you can spend in session.

This is for obvious reasons. Some places will trot out all massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria girls for you to chose from We call this the "Beauty Pageant" and we HATE it. If you end up having a good time and want to increase it, you can always do that for a nominal price. This part is important! The masseuse will then offer you her particular options; typically topless, nude or G-string.

Either way, your session will still consist of a relaxing massage followed by the happy ending you paid for. And finally, if you want what we call "extras" then ask up front. Extras are anything above and beyond the happy ending such as breast release, Arizona, toe sucking, lingerie, facials, etc. I call that a "Cha-Ching!

Think of it this way. Picture your masseuse as a really cute waitress. So what should you do if you want to really enjoy your time? You treat her with respect, you joke around, and even flirt. But instead of free drinks, you might get some extra time or even an extra option for free!

I remember this one customer - a traveling salesman of some kind. Well, let me tell ya - this guy was a total pisser. He was cracking jokes and making me laugh from the Arizona he walked through the door. So remember guys - a little bit of the right attitude goes a looooong way. Remember - not all of you will be lucky enough to find me next week. Attitude also plays in this one. All you should expect from a massage parlor is a relaxing massage by a semi-clad masseuse, followed by a hand release.

Let me back up here. Once again - DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. In my Business, I offer my clothing options up front topless, nude, or G-string. If you want an extra such as a breast release, go ahead and ask! Just say up front "Are you full service? In fact, it helps if you get it on the table right away just so your expectations are addressed sooner rather massage nha trang happy ending Costa Mesa, California later.

One last thought on expectations. I have a schedule, I get a paycheck, I pay taxes, I hate my boss, and I joke around with my coworkers just like everyone else. Do you look down on the woman who cuts your hair? Do you feel sorry for the guy Arizona empties your garbage can? So just lay back, relax and trust me. Now go on out there guys and good luck! Let me know how your Thanksgiving vacations go. View my complete profile. Just Another Day at the Office.

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Massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria, Arizona - now

We bring together you and the best and hottest body rubs across the country. Do you feel sorry for the guy who empties your garbage can? Beware of the guys that go to church every Sunday like my ex. A lot of people tend to think that bodyrubs, massage parlors, and prostitution are all one and the same. Where is the masseuse at that time? massage happy ending pinellas park Peoria, Arizona