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Never had a happy ending massage Lowell, Massachusetts

never had a happy ending massage Lowell, Massachusetts

Determined to find out if happy ending massages for women really and the only person available was a guy. I was nervous; I'd never had a man massage me before.
What was your first happy ending massage experience like? He swears he never had done a happy ending before, but he was really into me. During the massage.
15 reviews of Pure Salon & Spa "I had a Groupon to Pure for a 90 minute massage and 30 minute as I have never had my curly hair Lowell, MA ; 0 friends 1.

Never had a happy ending massage Lowell, Massachusetts - the

Charges have been filed. I did like that she stayed while the mask dried to give me a scalp massage. She worked the wrong muscle for an hour. Usually to make customers Spas go to a great length. And my ex said it also used to require a negative syphillis test. Happy Ending Massage never had a happy ending massage Lowell, Massachusetts

Never had a happy ending massage Lowell, Massachusetts - Doggy

Have it as you will. She kept referring to trigger point techniques and digging into my back. Seven good reasons to stay away. The pay for play action happens once you get in the room and negotiate with the girl. But, between the shivers, sounds of voices from the other room, and someone vacuuming, it was hard to relax. It was my first time here and getting a little extra foot massage during a facial session went beyond my expectations :-..

View Full Version : How common is it to request a happy end from a regular masseuse? PDA I was kind of surprised in another thread here Kerry being accused of demanding sex from a masseuse that many posters took it for granted that a happy end was kind of a normal arrangement in the massage business. I was :confused: but now I look back at it, was she suggesting something? It would never have occurred to me that a hand job might be an option.

Am I thick as a brick, or is that kind of thing common? Where I live, it depends on the establishment, my mother worked for a Massachusetts bussiness in a doctors surgery for many years and they never had this problem. They have to deal with a lot of inappropriateness unfortunately, sometimes going so far as sexual assault. Charges have been filed. It must not be unheard-of.

I think you have the wrong boring, plastic Democrat mentioned. I get them all the time, from men and women - being female its never occurred to me to ask for a "happy ending" - sexual positions men Reno, Nevada it strikes me as highly inappropriate from the types of salons, spas and therapists I go to.

I always thought it was sort of an urban legend. So the bastard just took it upon himself, huh? Heh, I see what you did there. It was at this kinda groovy-new agey place near where I live in NY. You know, scented candles, soothing ambient music, low lights, etc, Massachusetts. Imagine my dissappointment when I learned I would be getting a massage from this huge musclebound russian guy named Boris or Sergei or somesuch droop sound.

Anyway, never had a happy ending massage Lowell, he was great and really nice, and I enjoyed the experience immensly, despite my dissappointment! No other spa treatments that would appeal to women? Probably a massage parlor, never had a happy ending massage Lowell. Sure, say that now. But someday art history scholars yet unborn will fully appreciate the genius that was Patrick Nagel The professional massage place I go to has a sign that if you ask for sexual favors you never had a happy ending massage Lowell be asked to leave.

I get regular massages as does my husband, and we go to a sports therapy clinic. A friend of ours has said that some of those ones that you find listed in the classified that will come to your house are happy ending massages, never had a happy ending massage Lowell. The newspaper ad massages around here are all male. Oh and another thing Massachusetts mentioned in the original thread

I find the idea of asking for a happy ending at a legitimate business to be confusing. Massage therapists listed there mention things like reiki, rolfing, certification from national or international boards etc. Some friends gave me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday one year a while back. After he was propositioned by a number of male clients, he finally asked one of them what exactly made him think that that sort of service was contemplated?

Well, apparently the last guy did it on a regular basis. So, one never knows. And my ex said it also used to require a negative syphillis test. Mind you, in a good Oriental Massage place, they give a legit massage then just a "Happy Ending", actual sex is verboten.

I thought it was Al Gore who was accused, not Kerry? Or was Kerry involved in a separate incident that I missed. Nah, I got it wrong, as was pointed out by Shodan upthread. There are actually legitimate masseuses in Thailand. As other posters have mentioned, there is a large difference between a licensed massage therapist LMTand a massuese. I may be one of the few western tourists to have actually been for a massage in Bangkok and just had a massage :p.

The standard Thai massage was great though, I walked out of that place like I was floating on air! So ya think there are any masseuses out there who give happy endings to women? See, I have this friend who wants to know. If I walked into one of those shady places, would they do it for me too?

Ditto with medical examinations, job interviews, plumbing emergencies, etc. Actually, I had one guy whose hands wandered into shady places. Not cool - most states require licensing to practice massage therapy, and that kind of thing is usually verboten. It was even in a mall. They had a tiny back room for full body massage and did chair massage out front.

Then there was another guy who was a the ways of sex Port St. Lucie, Florida MT, but I was just a friend of a friend who was buying his old couch. He offered to work on my shoulders, I said yes, and after a little while he started to work on my boobs.

Not one of those places, but there are a few rare parlors that cater to women. Obviously, results are not guaranteed. Felt great, and guilt-free. The key is really whether they cater to women or not. I once took a class with a young lady who was a licensed massage therapist. She told me she was back in school because, even working at a legitimate massage place, she was tired of seeing guys pull out their dicks. But I doubt you are going to catch anything from a handjob, never had a happy ending massage Lowell, assuming the therapist washes his or her hands before and after.

Spalding Massachusetts had a great anecdote in Swimming to Cambodia kanchanaburi massage happy ending Paterson, New Jersey one of the male stars of the "Killing Fields" It always seemed to me that it was about Sam Waterston.

He wanted to remain faithful to his wife so he never got involved with the massage parlors or nightclubs but he pulled a muscle playing tennis at the hotel and requested a masseuse come to his room, Massachusetts. She worked the wrong muscle for an hour. I have a friend who said she was once given one, by a female masseuse, without her asking for it.

She said she felt too shocked and embarrassed to protest. She was outside of the U. It sounds a lot like sexual assault to me, but maybe it was so common for her to do that the masseuse just presumed. It sounds a lot like sexual assault to me, but maybe it was so common for her to do that the masseuse just Shannon told a story on Jimmy Kimmel Live about getting a massage and having the same thing happen to her, but she said she liked it.

I found it odd that she told something like that on TV and was so casual and cheerful about it. It seemed too good to be a true story. The logical implication is that if the masseuse does not grab your genitalia and stroke you into submission, then the massage is improper and pointless. Moreover, mature adults do not seek to gratify themselves every single time they become aroused.

There was an episode where Samantha was pissed off because a masseur seemed to be giving happy endings or maybe having intercourse? Satisfying experiences all around! IME, massage therapists always enjoy the fact that I can accurately tell them where I hurt and what caused it, and how much pressure to use. Now I know why I keep getting thrown out of restaurants! If the customer asks for more they will just end the session and walk out. What, he held her down with one hand, wanked with the other and left his spunk while she was incapacitated?

Tell me another fairy tale. Certainly a lot of Asian girls have come to the US and worked in the sex business as masseuses. If you want it, go for it, and pay the tip. The message is pretty clear. You negotiate your price. Have it as you will. But, hey, thats just me.